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The perfect house, yours!When I pull into my neighborhood, I feel at home. As I drive in, I see my neighbors walking their dog, walking with their kids, and kids riding their bikes with friends. I know these people, they are my neighbors. I make it a point to wave to them, to talk to them, and to engage with them.

As I turn into my driveway, I look at my yard. I love my yard. I’ve worked on it, it’s tough…but worth it. Cutting, edging, blowing, trimming and planting my favorite plants and shrubs. But it’s mine!

I walk up my front porch and turn the doorknob to my house. It’s unlocked. It probably shouldn’t be, but I know it’s fine. It’s safe. I walk in the door and my dog barks and barks (too loudly) and greets me. Talk about unconditional love! My kids are playing in the

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Rainbow Row, Charleston in winter. courtesy Catherine Ann PhotographySo you are thinking of selling your house, but don't know when the best time to sell might be.  You hear it often from realtors or friends at dinner parties- that "Spring is the best!" or, "Summer is red hot".  Sure, those could be the best selling times, but you have plenty of other options, that might even be better than those times, and here's why.

Most of the time, there are other factors and circumstances that surround your decision making regarding selling.  Whether is is a new job, a relocation associated with a job change, an end of a rental lease, etc.  Even if you could time it for the best month (April?), you may not even have the ability to do so.

In light of this, here's my argument why the winter might be the best time to sell for

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Here is the most expensive home in Charleston, South Carolina

Legare Charleston House 

So I was up late last night viewing our Charleston MLS, and decided to do something fun.  Just like many of you searching for homes out there, I was just browsing different types of houses, types of land, foreclosures, etc.

You see, one of the great perks of being a realtor in Charleston (as you can imagine) is having access to all of the houses on the market here in Charleston, and all of the neat ideas that homeowners think of when decorating their house. Kitchen ideas, bedroom or master bath ideas, etc.  But not to get off topic too much- as I was looking through all of the home listings I decided to look up the most expensive house house in Charleston.

I knew it might be quite

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Find the best Charleston area for investing If you are living in Charleston, South Carolina and looking to invest some of your hard-earned money into real estate- which areas should you consider, and what might be a good buy?

There are many opinions on what might be the best gameplan.  One certainly has to take into consideration the best areas, the best price ranges to purchase in, and what kind of investment property to purchase.  For this blog post, I'd like to cover a few of the areas surrounding downtown, Charleston. I'm not the 'end all' pro when it comes to investing, but after living here in Charleston practically all of my life- I've seen different areas excel in this Charleston real estate market.

As anyone knows, the three most important factors when choosing real estate is

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7 King Street Take a look at this prized home on 7 King Street, in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. This home was built in 1905, but don’t let it’s age fool you- the current owners have undergone extensive renovations to the home, and it shows. Wonderfully appointed rooms and plenty of the modern fixtures and amenities that we love, but fine touches that also tie in with the historic charm that Charleston so tastefully boasts.

This South of Broad location affords the best location one could want. It is in the heart of the residential Historic District downtown, which allows for easy access to shopping on King Street, or walks to Waterfront Park and the Battery- yet in the quiet residential district.

Call us to schedule a personal tour of this fantastic

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Beachfront Folly Beach Living If you're looking for beachfront property on Folly Beach, look no further than this house. I'd like to preface this by saying that this is not my listing, but I just took a look at it yesterday and it’s quite a fantastic deal. It just came on the market this week. This home exemplifies beachfront living on Folly Beach. First of all, it's on the west end of Folly Beach, which is the quieter, more tranquil location on the barrier island. Second, the house is not a rental, but has been a second home for the current owners.

It’s the perfect size for a couple, or for someone looking for a second home. It's a smaller sized home, and won't break the bank keeping the house in great condition. A lot of times, I’ll see owners purchase the larger beachfront home,

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The Top 5 Ways to Sell Your Home in Charleston, SC

A very cluttered home5. Be fully ready and committed before you decide to sell. The worst thing you can do is have a house that's not ready. Be it not clean yet, or "We just need to replace the carpets soon", or "We'll do the landscaping early next week"- the house should be in show condition. The most important buyers will be the one's looking first. A new house on the market has an 'excitability' factor to it. People love the newest and freshest. A lot of times, these buyers have looked, know the market, and have seen the current houses on the market. When they see yours, it should be the "finished product". It's probably your most expensive asset, treat it as such!


I'd say they're a happy couple4. Attract buyers emotionally.  However you want

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Sold at Absolute Auction- on Saturday, June 23rd at 11:00 a.m. 10+ High Waterfront acres (54 total) in 2 Parcels on Sol Legare Road,  Zoned Residential

Absolute Auction in Charleston, SC 

Take a look at this real estate auction in Charleston, near Folly Beach:

Parcel A and Parcel C will be sold separately with Parcel C going on the block first. This property is being sold pursuant to an Order of the Honorable Mikell R. Scarborough, Master in Equity for Charleston County dated April 18, 2012.  At closing, the buyer will receive a master’s deed executed by the Master in Equity.

Parcel C  is approx. 5.78 acres in total with 1.84 acres of high ground. This high ground is in the process of being divided into 3 separate lots, each having approximately (.60 acres) of high ground and it’s

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Random Thoughts and Statistics for this Charleston Real Estate Market

Here are some statistics for you regarding the different areas surrounding Charleston.  Remember- every market is different, and every market in each area surrounding Charleston is also different.

Random stats from last week:

  • 165 residential properties under contract past wk. Great buying activity for time of year. But prices continue to fall (like the rest of the real estate markets around the country).
  • 136 single family homes under contract past wk. Median LIST price $180k(low), $94/sqft. 25 under $100k. 7 over $1M.
  • 37(27%) of 136 single family homes under contract past wk were either BANK OWNED FORECLOSURES or SHORT SALES
  • 17 island single family homes under contract past wk:
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Just Sold on the Peninsula, downtown Charleston 1.8 million

Even in the difficult market of 2011, we are still selling houses in Charlestion. This truly is a unique property, and in one of the finer areas on the Charleston Peninsula. I was fortunate to have exceptional clients.

Here is the writeup on the home:

52 Smith Street Circa 1850, 52 Smith Street is enviably located in the heart of Harleston Village on the corner of Smith and Montague Streets. Over the past five years, the interior and exterior of this home have been meticulously renovated and restored offering all of the modern amenities while preserving its traditional style and grace. Natural light fills the grand interiors of the home, accenting the original heart pine floors and beautiful architectural

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