Is Your Home a Reflection of You?

Posted by Mike Ciucci on Friday, September 19th, 2014 at 9:25am.


We all use our home as our place to reside- but it's much more than that.  It reflects our personality, our character, and our sense of style.  But a home is also a place where we can get very creative and express our talents.  It's an opportunity to go against the grain and not be so "cookie-cutter".

Here are some pretty amazing homes from around the world, where many of these folks have gotten very creative.

These were 70 dome houses built for villagers that lost their homes in an earthquake.  These monolithic domes can withstand earthquakes and winds up to 190mph!

Homes built to withstand earthquakes


The following is a bio-climatic solar house in Eastern France.  The house was designed as a three-dimensional sundial that keeps cool in the summer months, and warmer in the winter months:

Sundial House


This one is a sun-dried brick home in Mexico and is 130 feet in diameter, with a large natural boulder as its roof:

A Brick House


This is a "rotating house" located in the Czech Republic.  The 72 year old builder/owner started constructing it in 1981, and completed it in 2002.  The house rotates so he can have the best view at all times, a it can also move up and down:

How about a rotating home?

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