Boeing PlantBoeing announced that Charleston will be the final location for the 787 aircraft assembly plant, more specifically, North Charleston.  This is great news for our local economy here in Charleston, as 3800 jobs are expected to be filled over the next seven years, and Boeing is to invest more than $750 million.  This will also spur growth in real estate for the area, as many employees and future employees will be relocating here.

The Boeing Co. will build the new line at its Charleston International Airport property instead of the other proposed location in Everett, Washington.  This is big, as the unemployment rate is almost at an all-time high, and the local area will benefit from this massive company.

We've already been speaking with Boeing employees…

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save_money_247Yes, good news amid a slurry of seemingly bad news over the last year.  It seems that banks were tightening more and more as the year went on, but now we have a some great news.

Here in Charleston SC, Carolina One Mortgage is offering some changes to mix things up.  Condos and second homes now seem to be a little more affordable:

Condos:  Up until now, you had to put down 10% towards a condo purchase.  This has been shortened to 5%.  If you’re buying a $200K condo, that’s $10,000 less that you’d have to put down!  This is great news for first-time homebuyers who can still take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit.

Second Homes:  Here again, up until now you had to put down 20% towards the purchase of a second home.  Now you only need to put down 10%.  So…

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