Here are some random thoughts on the market.  Instead of just keeping them to myself, I wanted to share.  Sorry for the short, rambling thoughts...

Good news:
First quarter 2010 statistics:
MLS sold units are up 10.3%
1591 homes

New listings are up 5.3%
Active inventory (homes on the market) 3/31 is down 6.4% (great!)
9,036 – lowest in 4 years
Supply and demand ratio improving
Still needs to be half – 15 months supply
Won’t happen for awhile – REOs and Short Sales

National media positive for Charleston
Lifestyle, new jobs
First quarter compared to 2009
Average sales price - $275,000 – up 9.1%
Median sales price - $189,000 – up 4.7%

On surface, positive news but let’s understand the numbers
Not address to address appreciation … impacted by
some exceptional values…

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In the land of all credit scores, FICO is king.  The majority of banks in the USA use FICO scores for whether or not they are going to lend you money, and at what interest rate.

So how does FICO come up with this score?  I'll break it down for you, below:

FICO Score Breakdown


1.) Payment History.  Based on you payment history, making the repayment of past debt is the most important factor when calculating credit scores.

2.) Debt Amounts.  This is based upon your total outstanding debt.  Removing lines of credit is the best thing you can do when getting rid of debt amounts.  Another thing to consider is not maxing out your credit limit with credit cards.  Try to maintain a good balance, and pay it off frequently.

3.) Length of Credit History.  This is the length of…

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carolinaoneHere is a running list of all the new homes with Carolina One New Homes Division that can close before the tax credit expires.  These are all new construction homes that can get a C/O (Certificate of Occupancy) prior to the tax credit expiration.  You need to get a ratified contract by April 30th, and close by June 30th.

Please take a look at the following link, for the most updated list of new construction that will be completed prior to the tax credit deadline.  There are over 90 homes available:

Carolina One New Construction Homes that can close prior to the Tax Credit deadline


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Dollars and Your HomeI hope everyone had a great weekend here in Charleston.  It was absolutely beautiful, which is yet another reason we all live here.

After a significant jump in rates to start the week last week, rates settled down slightly at the end of the week and into the start of this week.  Unfortunately, I think we've begun a pattern that will continue throughout the rest of 2010...rates will be very volatile and moving up and down constantly, with a trend upwards.

If you're considering moving very soon, then I might suggest locking in your rate now.  Rates are constantly changing, so be sure to contact your lender.

Make it a great week!


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April is a great month to be in Charleston.  The city and surrounding areas are in full bloom, the nights are longer, and the weather here is just perfect.  Whether you're getting the boat up and running, doing some spring cleaning in the house, or doing yard work- the temperature here seems to be just about right.

Meanwhile, in between those ambitious projects, there's plenty to enjoy around town:

  • Festival of Houses and Gardens, downtown Charleston - Festival tours feature the interiors and gardens of approximately 150 historic private houses in 10 colonial and antebellum neighborhoods during the peak of the city's blooming season.  Tickets to the house and garden tours are $45 and can be ordered by calling (843) 723-1623.
  • The 2010 Family Circle…

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