2367 Furman Drive, Charleston SC

2367 Furman Drive Charleston SCWow, what a house- and what a unique opportunity to live on deepwater in West Ashley with your own private lake.  That's right, 19.34 acres (2.53 acres high) of your own private property, which includes a 4.01 private lake, and access to deepwater on the Ashley River once a dock is built.

What? Say again?

You have the opportunity, right now, to live in this West Ashley home, on your own private lake, with a boat ride to the Atlantic Ocean via the Ashley River. Ok, well what's the catch...because this is too good at $725K. Well, first let me say that this is not my listing. I've stumbled across it while searching for another client of mine. But I'm seriously surprised that this is still on the market, because (and I hate…

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Old Charleston Map from 1872Many people who consider Charleston, South Carolina as a retirement destination or a possible move with a job transfer sometimes feel overwhelmed with the number of options available.  Each area that surrounds Charleston has its own unique character, charm, and feel about it.  I am excluding the beaches this go-around, but I’d like to briefly explain some of the areas that surround Charleston, in hopes that it might make it a little easier for those from out of state:

Charleston Peninsula- This is obviously the anchor for Charleston.  The historic draw of the city, the culture and world-class restaurants, and the “Old South” way of living is still evident here.  People from all over the country seek this spot as a perfect destination, close to the…

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If you're waiting to pull the trigger on purchasing real estate as a buyer here in Charleston SC, should you consider buying now instead of later? I've found some interesting numbers this morning from the Charleston MLS. The numbers speak for themselves. We have a surplus in sold properties in almost every price range for this year, compared to last year.

But now? In this economy?  Yes.

Did we just miss the bottom of the Charleston real estate market?

But lets not forget, the tax credit certainly helped boost along what would otherwise be a dreary first quarter (and last year's November and December were strong, which are not represented in this report). But this is certainly interesting, and we'll have to see how the rest of the year plays out. I'll do another report at the end of the year for a look at…

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Here's a good video with an analysis for the 3rd quarter of this year.  A couple of points worthy of special attention:

  • Active homes on the market have decreased for the 3rd straight year (at end of 3rd Quarter).
  • There is an increase (6.8%) in median sales price compared to the 3rd quarter last year. 
  • Sellers are getting 90.2% of their list price in negotiations.
  • Buyers continue to control the market due to low interest rates, # of houses on the market, and a favorable negotiating environment.


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