There certainly are some unique and incredible properties in the Charleston, SC area.  We have such a fantastic city rich in history and culture, all while being along the Atlantic Ocean.  I thought this might be quite interesting to show you the most expensive homes that have sold in the Charleston SC area for 2010.  So here they are, the top ten most expensive homes sold in Charleston, SC for the 2010 year.  Which one is your favorite?


78 East Bay St#10  78 East Bay St.   This is the only townhouse or condo on our list.  This townhome is located South of Broad on the Charleston Peninsula, downtown.  The home was built circa 1800.  Waterfront views and breezes from the Charleston Harbor.  This townhome was listed at $3,750,000 and sold for 3.3 million.  It had…

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Cruise Ship in Charleston, SCI have seen an increased presence of cruise ships on the Charleston Peninsula lately and wanted to share an article I found in the Post and Courier.  This was written by a local Realtor here in Charleston, and I wanted to share their viewpoint on the matter.

You've all heard the saying, "Change is inevitable; growth is optional".  I know that this increase in cruise ships will help the local economy downtown.  But at what point are we slowly chipping away at the character of the Peninsula?  There seem to be valid arguments from both sides, but I know where I stand on the issue.  Standards and/or regulation is key.

You can view the article here.


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The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Program is a program designed for sellers that are upside down in their house.  This program is for those folks that have contemplated selling their home as a “Short Sale” rather than allowing for foreclosure.  So how does it work?

Short Sale Help Right HereThe benefit of this HAFA program is that you would no longer be responsible for the difference between what you owe on your mortgage and the amount that your home sells for.  You see, in South Carolina, most banks would order a deficiency judgment against the borrower for the difference in what the home sells for, and what is owed.  The HAFA program would be the contrary.  Sellers would also receive $3,000 at closing as an incentive to selling as a short sale, as opposed to…

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