Here is the Statistical Summary for 2011 MLS Tri-County Residential data.  The Tri-County report shows that the number of Closed Homes (8,953) increased 5.3% in 2011 compared to 2010, and increased by 11.7% compared to 2009.  At the same time, New Listings Taken has decreased by 16.3% over 2010. 

The Median Sales Price dropped from $189,215 in 2010, to the 2011 level of $183,000, or a 3.3% decrease.  The Median Sales Price, just 10 years ago in 2002, was $156,000 or a 17% increase in that time period.

I am also attaching the Housing Appreciation Supply & Demand for the past 10 years, which shows the number of New Listings Taken for each year as compared to the number of Homes Closed each year.  The graph shows, visually, when area real estate was a…

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Charleston Home Sales Up in Last 4 of 5 Months

Homes sales have increased vs last year in the latest Charleston statistical data.  This is great news for homeowners as this obviously means more buyer activity.  Not only that, but the existing number of active homes on the market have decreased once again- making for an even more healthy overall real estate market in Charleston.

The results could potentially be even better.  Don't forget that the Home Buyers Tax Credit expired last year in June, making for an abnormally high amount of sales for those number of months in 2010.

Number of active homes on the market are down (great), number of buyers purchasing in Charleston are up (great), but also keep an eye on home values.  I'm seeing some pockets in…

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A Few Popular Mt. Pleasant Neighborhoods

I'On, a Mount Pleasant CommunityMount Pleasant continues to be one of the most popular areas surrounding Charleston. First of all, the location is ideal, bordering Downtown Historic Charleston, as well as Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island beaches. Second, it is one of the newly expanded areas surrounding Charleston that has seen much growth since the 90's. Most of the neighborhoods are planned communities with intelligent design, parks, golf courses, swimming pools, tennis, and plenty of other amenities. A few of the neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant even have their own schools and gyms. I'd like to expand on some of the more popular neighborhoods that a lot of buyers are enjoying:

Park West - This is the largest neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant. It…

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