Bitcoin for real estate?What Bitcoin Is

First of all- what is bitcoin?  I mean, you may have heard about it, but what’s all the fuss?

Bitcoin was invented by someone or a group of people that wish to remain anonymous.  They wrote the code for bitcoin, implemented it, and then walked away.  It has been running almost untouched for just over a decade (since 2009, created by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto).

The beautiful thing about bitcoin is that it is a digital way to transact with someone (send or receive money) without there being an intermediary (bank) that takes a slice of your pie. So someone gets all of the intended money without a 3% (or higher) credit card, PayPal, Zelle, or bank fee.  It costs fractions less to send money, and you can send it across the world,…

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Where Are the Best Areas to Live in Mount Pleasant?

Mount Pleasant AreasMount Pleasant, South Carolina.  Such a great place to live!  It borders historic downtown Charleston, while also bordering Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island beaches.  As one of the first locations settled outside of downtown, this location has one of (if not THE) largest draws of any community in Charleston.  I've personally seen Mount Pleasant grow tremendously over the decades, and while 'change is inevitable, growth is optional', I've loved the growth that Mount Pleasant has experienced.  The last census says that Mount Pleasant's population is right around 92,000.  Which is the 4th largest city in the state of South Carolina.

But with such a large surface area and population, how does one…

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