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What are the differences between Isle of Palms and Folly Beach?

Folly Beach

Isle of Palms and Folly Beach are two separate coastal communities located near Charleston, South Carolina. Isle of Palms is a larger, more developed community that is located on an island off the coast of Charleston. Folly Beach is a smaller, more laid-back community that is located on a barrier island to the south of Charleston.

There are several key differences between Isle of Palms and Folly Beach, including their size, location, and character. Isle of Palms is a larger community, with a population of around 4,600 people. Folly Beach is smaller, with a population of around 2,500 people.

Isle of Palms is located on an island off the coast of Charleston, and is accessed by a…

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2019 Taste of James IslandIt's that time to come out to the 2019 Taste of James Island!  Come out and support James Island Outreach, and the town that you live in. Mingle with all your neighbors while enjoying some of the best weather that Charleston has to offer on April 27th at the First Baptist School Athletic Field.

They've got great FOOD, music by Calhoun's Calling & Wildflower Station, door prizes, KIDS activities, and a raffle!

James Island Outreach's goal is to serve the citizens of James Island and Folly Beach with emergency food, medicine, and utility assistance.

 Take a look at what they've accomplished in 2018:

- Served on average 180 clients per month representing 385 total family members monthly
- Provided ~120,000 pounds of food assistance (10,000lbs per…

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Folly Beach dredgingHave you noticed increased sand, rocks, and groin size at Folly Beach lately?  Folly Beach had received a $10 million dollar grant in 2018 from the Army Corps of Engineers for beach renourishment.  As you may or may not know- Folly Beach has had its share of concerns over beach erosion due to a few factors.  One (and the most important) reason for the erosion of sand on Folly is due to the Charleston jetties in the Harbor.  The Charleston jetties were constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers years ago, in order to preserve the deep, dredged channels extending outwards to the Atlantic Ocean for container ships inbound and outbound through the Port of Charleston.  The unfortunate byproduct of these jetties are that they are blocking the natural flow of…

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Mariners Cay ViewsI was showing more condos for sale at Folly Beach again and I keep "re-discovering" the attraction that Mariners Cay has at the beach.  What a great place to live, or to purchase as an investment property.  Here are a few reasons why, from a Realtor's perspective.

#1: Location.  Yes, you guessed it.  'They' always say the three most important things to consider when purchasing real estate is location, location, location.  Well for Mariners Cay, this condo community sits right along the Folly River.  It has gorgeous views from the family rooms and screened-in porches of the bottle nosed dolphin that play here, of the sailboats going by, the beautiful wildlife, birds, and sunrise/sunsets. Not to mention, with this location so close to the beach- it's an…

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Beachfront Folly Beach Living If you're looking for beachfront property on Folly Beach, look no further than this house. I'd like to preface this by saying that this is not my listing, but I just took a look at it yesterday and it’s quite a fantastic deal. It just came on the market this week. This home exemplifies beachfront living on Folly Beach. First of all, it's on the west end of Folly Beach, which is the quieter, more tranquil location on the barrier island. Second, the house is not a rental, but has been a second home for the current owners.

It’s the perfect size for a couple, or for someone looking for a second home. It's a smaller sized home, and won't break the bank keeping the house in great condition. A lot of times, I’ll see owners purchase the larger beachfront home,…

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Sold at Absolute Auction- on Saturday, June 23rd at 11:00 a.m. 10+ High Waterfront acres (54 total) in 2 Parcels on Sol Legare Road,  Zoned Residential

Absolute Auction in Charleston, SC 

Take a look at this real estate auction in Charleston, near Folly Beach:

Parcel A and Parcel C will be sold separately with Parcel C going on the block first. This property is being sold pursuant to an Order of the Honorable Mikell R. Scarborough, Master in Equity for Charleston County dated April 18, 2012.  At closing, the buyer will receive a master’s deed executed by the Master in Equity.

Parcel C  is approx. 5.78 acres in total with 1.84 acres of high ground. This high ground is in the process of being divided into 3 separate lots, each having approximately (.60 acres) of high ground and it’s…

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Another Folly Beach Home Sold...

Folly Beach House


302 W Ashley on Folly Beach for $410,000.  A super price for our buyer, for being across the street from the ocean.

Classic beach bungalow situated on a corner to corner lot, directly across the street from the Atlantic Ocean.  Ocean views from the large screened in porch, family room, and master bedroom as well.  Across the street is the small park, so there won't be another large beach house stealing the view.

If you are interested in selling your Folly Beach home, or would like to view beachfront Folly Beach homes for sale, please let us know.

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Folly Beach CondosIt’s that time of year again for weekend excursions to Folly Beach.  It also happens to be the time of year where we see increased activity for condo purchases on Folly Beach.  I’d like to point out the different condo communities, in case anyone wanted to know each communities distance to the ocean, and what each condo community offers.

For a list of all the condos for sale on folly beach, please visit: Folly Beach condos for sale.  For each condo community, I’d like to talk briefly about the following 6 main condo communities on Folly Beach:

Charleston Oceanfront Villas- These are the creme of the crop! Oceanfront, Folly Beach with direct views of the Atlantic Ocean. These condos are of the best quality build/materials on Folly Beach (at the time…

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A new park is planned for Folly Beach.  The county Park and Recreation Commission intends on buying the Front Beach Inn and four other properties at East Arctic Avenue and East 2nd Street.  All of the 5 properties add up to about 1 acre.  For those of you that are not sure about the location, it’s just over from the pier and the large Holiday Inn.

The plan for the park is create a park facility with restrooms, showers, and a playground.  The goal was to create something similar to the layout at Isle of Palms County Park.

Some of the locals have strong opinions about how this came about.  I believe that it will positively affect the Folly Beach real estate market.  A view of the park instead of another high-rise hotel on front beach suits me just fine. …

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