Free Home Market Analysis (CMA) of Your Property

Thinking of selling?  Just curious what your home value might be?  If you would like a free analysis of your home's value, and you live in the Charleston area, please fill out the form below.  We will do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your home, and email you the results, with NO phone calls!  If you have any questions about the analysis, or the means to perform one, please contact us at (843) 608-8378.

What is My Home Worth in Charleston, SC?

Well, we get this question A LOT.  It's actually rather easy for us to come up with a market analysis of your house here in Charleston.  What we do is take a snapshot of the recent sales in your neighborhood in the Charleston MLS, and we mainly try to look at the last 6 months of activity.  What has sold, what is pending or under contract, and what is your competition in the form of active listings.  If we can't find many recent sales within the last 6 months, then we'll either go back 1 year, go just outside of the neighborhood, or a combination of both.  After that, we make adjustments based upon any updates, kitchens/bathrooms, flooring, age of roof/systems, and any other additions or improvements.

How Accurate is Zillow in Predicting Home Values?

Unfortunately, Zillow is not too accurate in our local Charleston real estate market.  I suppose it is a lot more accurate in other areas of the country in the mid-west where all of the topography is the same, or the farther inland you go in large, suburban-home communities.  But in Charleston, we have so many properties around or on water, near the ocean, different lot sizes, and renovated homes vs. homes that are original 'builder-grade'. Zillow can account for # of bedrooms, and baths, age of home, etc. - but they can't tell what has been upgraded, and they also have difficulty in value for those near or on water (What is the water depth at low tide?  Is it navigable by boat?  Is it saltwater, fresh, or brackish?).  I'd love to tell you that you might be able to get a price 'range' from Zillow- but their data is so far off, I honestly would just ask a Charleston realtor for a free market analysis.  They don't mind (we really don't- we may get to know you and want to work together!)- plus, you can then make a decision on whether you want to sell, or stay put.

I'd Love a Market Analysis, Just Don't Contact Me by Phone!

No problem!  Just fill out the info below to the best of your ability, and we will email you a 'range' that you should be able to sell within.  If you'd like a more detail-oriented home value (or more specific), then we can come to your house, take a look, and give you a precise valuation.  But if you'd like to remain anonymous or 'hands off', we can just email you a report!

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