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Be the first to be notified of new homes that hit the market!  Many realtors in Charleston search the Charleston MLS "Hot Sheet", which is a new list of homes that have hit the market immediately.  We can set a specific detailed search, tailored to your search criteria.  Whether you are searching for short sale properties, bank-owned properties, or homes in a specific neighborhood, you will get emailed as soon as they hit the market.

Realtors take advantage of searching the Charleston MLS Hot Sheet, shouldn't you?

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New Charleston MLS Listings - Just Listed!

Are you getting new listings in your search?  Tired of old, dated listing information?  These are new listings that have hit the market within the last hour (or less).  These are all NEW homes listings, 7 days old and newer.  Be the first to see new mls listings hit the market, right away.

    Daniel Island NEW Listings
    Downtown NEW Listings
    Folly Beach NEW Listings
    Isle of Palms NEW Listings
    James Island NEW Listings
    Johns Island NEW Listings
    Kiawah Island NEW Listings
    Mt. Pleasant NEW Listings
    North Charleston NEW Listings
    Seabrook Island NEW Listings
    Sullivans Island NEW Listings
    Summerville NEW Listings
    West Ashley NEW Listings

New MLS Hot Sheet Listings!

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The Top 5 Reasons Why It's Important to Find a Home Quickly!

  1. To get the best selection of homes: In a competitive housing market, good homes tend to sell quickly. If you're not able to find a house quickly, you may miss out on your dream home.
  2. To avoid paying more for a home: In a competitive market, prices for homes tend to be driven up by the high demand. If you're able to find a house quickly, you may be able to avoid paying more for it.
  3. To avoid a bidding war: In a competitive market, you may have to compete with other buyers for the same home. If you're able to find a house quickly, you may be able to avoid getting into a bidding war, which can drive up the price of the home.
  4. To minimize the stress of the home buying process: The home buying process can be stressful, especially in a competitive market. If you're able to find a house quickly, you can minimize the amount of time you spend searching and reduce your stress levels.
  5. To take advantage of low interest rates: Interest rates on mortgages tend to be lower in a competitive market, and if you're able to find a house quickly, you can take advantage of these low rates and save money on your mortgage.

Why do buyers like newer homes on the market?

  • More energy efficient: Newer homes are often built with energy efficiency in mind, which can save homeowners money on their energy bills.
  • They may require less maintenance: Newer homes tend to have newer systems and appliances, which means they may require less maintenance and repairs than older homes.
  • More modern features: Newer homes may have features that are popular with buyers, such as open floor plans, modern kitchens, and spa-like bathrooms.
  • Modern design: Buyers who are looking for a home that is up-to-date and modern may prefer newer homes over older ones.
  • They may be more comfortable: Newer homes are often built with better insulation and other features that can make them more comfortable to live in.