CofC Off Campus Housing

College of Charleston Campus and HousingCollege of Charleston has some wonderful oppurtunities to live in some great areas off-campus.  Being surrounded by the city, there are plenty of condos and townhouses available, with single-family homes also a choice.  We understand that safety and location is of utter importance, with it still needing to be affordable.

Parents often find it much easier to contact us, when asking about the safest areas of the city to live.  We have past clients (from the College of Charleston) that can give you advice, and we are more than happy to help as well.  There are many safe areas of the city, but also pockets of areas less desirable.

A plan of many is to purchase a condo for the 4 or 5 year plan. Have friends (1 or a few rommates) move in and assist with the monthly mortgage payment. It makes for a more expensive/better location, as well as having friends pay down the note. Plus- the value typically goes up every year and you can make all of your mortgage expenses back (sometimes even multiplied). We do this for many, many folks and it works very well!

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