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Folly Beach homes are located on Folly Island, a seven mile long barrier island located just southeast of historic downtown Charleston. The beach is, of course, the community's biggest draw for both residents and visitors. While quaint cottages and single-family homes make up the majority of the buildings here, Folly Beach also enjoys a number of different pubs, restaurants, surf shops and clothing stores.

Oceanfront Homes

Folly Beach OceanfrontBeachfront homes for sale on Folly Beach enjoy some of the lowest oceanfront prices in Charleston.  We are seeing a trend of newer, larger, oceanfront homes being constructed on beachfront Folly Beach.  A number of the older cottages and bungalows are being leveled to make room for larger, more modern beachfront living.  There are a number of oceanfront homes for sale to choose from, due to the length of Folly Island.  The island itself is seven miles wide, which allows for plenty of beach walking. Folly Beach has a laid-back charm, with most of the residents very active along the beach and in the ocean. There are tidepools along the beach behind the ocean front homes that have an abundance of wildlife including starfish, crustaceans, fish, crabs, and also some great fishing. We have a large number of folks from New England and other parts of the country that enjoy purchasing along the ocean, and enjoy retiring here, or purchasing as a second home with the idea of renting the house out. Folly Beach has some great weekly beach rental rates which is a great way to offset the expense of living on the ocean. Oceanfront homes for sale on Folly Beach start at the 1 million+ mark and can get up into the millions. Search Folly Beach Ocean front homes.


Folly Beach CondosThere are a number of different styles and types of condo communities to choose from when considering Folly Beach.  Whether you are looking for oceanfront condos, or condos along the Folly River, they are plentiful and come in all price ranges. With oceanfront condos for sale, you have Seaside Villas, Ocean Pointe, and Charleston Oceanfront Villas. These prices typically are in the 600-700's, and can get up to the million mark for the condos that have 4 and 5 bedrooms. The condominiums across the street from the ocean are also a great choice. Pier Pointe Villas and Pavilion Watch are directly across the street from the ocean, and don't have the higher ticket prices of being beachfront. These are easily rentable to offset your expenses. Other Folly Beach condominiums are scattered along and near the Folly River. These are an easy bike ride or walk away from the ocean. Examples of these condos are: Mariners Cay, Turn of River, Back Bay at Folly, and Marsh Winds. Further away from the ocean are Sable on the Marsh, The Clam Farm, and Palmettos at Folly. Condos along the Folly River typically start in the 400's, and condos along the ocean start in the 600-700's.  Depending on size and location to the ocean, they can get up to 1 million. View Folly Beach Condos.

New Construction

Folly Beach New ConstructionAnother option with Folly Beach is new construction.  There is a trend with those either buying a vacant lot to build a new home, or purchasing a "tear down" and then building a home to suit.  Either way, Folly Beach has a number of options for those looking to purchase a new construction home. There are a number of reputable builders in the Charleston area that can help with plans, decision-making, and to offer help and guidance as to the best way to realize your new construction build. If you're not finding the house of your dreams, purchase a lot and build- whatever size and shape you see fit. Search Folly Beach New Construction.

Vacant Land

Folly Beach Vacant LotFor the least expensive oceanfront vacant land surrounding Charleston, look no further than Folly Beach.  Tidal creek lots, oceanfront lots, and interior lots at reasonable prices can be found here.  Vacant land at the West end of Folly Beach is a little quieter, while lots on the East side beyond The Washout are just as quiet.  Lots in between get some of the summer visitors, but make for a closer location to town. Being that beachfront real estate is less expensive than the other beaches- purchase your lot at a great price, and then build your dream home. Alternatively, you can make plans to build down the road, and puchase as an investment for now. There is only so much land at the beach, which keeps the demand high for sure. Explore Folly Beach Lots for sale.

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Folly Beach Homes for Sale

Folly Beach, SC: Living on the Edge of America

Folly Beach has long been affectionately known as "The Edge of America". The expanse of the Atlantic viewable from the sands is particularly beautiful at sunrise and sunset. The beach provides for a wide variety of watersports and wildlife viewing opportunities. Surfing, boating, kayaking, and kiteboarding, can all be seen on any average summer day. The Folly Beach fishing pier provides an abundance of entertainment throughout the year: fishing, crabbing, and shagging under the stars. A marina, a public boat landing, and plenty of open water access for any boating enthusiast. Condos for sale on Folly Beach are mostly found oceanfront, or along the Folly River with many having their own boat slips.

Homes on Folly Beach are constantly changing. We’re seeing a progressive change from older, smaller wooden cottages- to large 3-4 story homes. Folly Beach ocean property values are still significantly lower in comparison to the rest of the coastal country and many people from out of state are finding it an affordable opportunity to live here. Over the last 15 years, Folly Beach property values have increased over 300%, making it a very smart move for a lot of people.

Folly Beach continues to be one of the more surprisingly affordable places to live on the coast, and the least expensive in the Charleston area. Not only are there oceanfront homes, but along the back of the island are salt marshes and tidal creeks that extend for miles. No matter the location of your home here, it will provide you with breathtaking views, the smell of salt in the air, and great island living.

Fun Things To Do on Folly Beach

Folly Beach Fishing Pier There are a number of fun things to do at Folly Beach. One of the more popular spots is at the Folly Beach Pier. The Folly Beach Pier is 24 feet wide, is twenty three feet above the ocean, and has a length of 1,045 feet. This gives fishing anglers plenty of opportunity to catch some really nice fish just outside of the break zone in the waves. Spanish and King Mackerel, Tarpon, Red Drum, and many more are found here. There are annual fishing tournaments here as well as your typical rod rentals, tackle shop, and restaurant.  Activities such as "Moonlight Shagging at The Pier" are often held here on those warm summer nights under the moon and stars. Dining is also an option at the pier, overlooking the ocean on a warm summer evening at Locklear's Beach City Grill.

Folly Beach Restaurants

Dining and the pubs along Folly Beach, are of course a big hit. Whether you're stopping in for a cold drink after a fun-filled sunny day at the beach, or you'd like to dress up a bit and have dinner at night, Folly is sure to please. There are over a dozen restaurants and pubs along Center Street with all types of varying menus. Snapper Jacks, the Folly Beach Crab Shack, Rita's, The Drop Inn Bar & Deli, and the Surf Bar serve up some great seafood and bar food. Taco Boy is a fantastic option if you're not in the mood for seafood, as well as BLU Restaurant, Loggerheads, and of course no one at Folly can pass up The Lost Dog Cafe.

A Neat History of Folly Beach- Why is it Called Folly Beach?

Folly Beach is situated on a barrier island east of Charleston. The island has a long history, with evidence of human habitation dating back thousands of years.

The first European settlers arrived on Folly Beach in the early 18th century. They established plantations on the island and began growing crops such as indigo, rice, and cotton. The island was named "Folly" because it was considered a folly for settlers to try to farm on such a low-lying, marshy island. Despite this, the island continued to be used for agriculture for many years.

In the 20th century, Folly Beach began to develop as a tourist destination. The first hotel on the island was built in 1901, and more hotels and other attractions followed. Today, Folly Beach is a popular vacation spot known for its beautiful beaches and recreational opportunities.

Water Sports at the Beach

Folly Beach barrel Folly Beach has a number of water activities that the locals and tourists enjoy here. Surfing, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, kayaking, and wakeboarding along the Folly River are some of the favorites. If you don't have the accessories, no problem- you can rent for any of these water sport activities. There are also options to hire instructors is you want to learn.

Of all the water sports, surfing at Folly Beach is probably the most popular. Folly Beach has some of the best waves in all of South Carolina for surfing. Multiple events throughout the year are hosted here, and Folly can get some great swell conditions.  Most of the surf spots along Folly Beach are on the East end of Folly, however there are a few spots along the West side as well. Take a ride and explore- some of the favorites are the Washout, the Pier, 7th and 11th streets, 4th street, and of course a few spots not normally surfed that are great as well, but we'll keep those to ourselves! See more photos and video on Folly Beach Surfing.

Folly Beach Dog Rules

Folly Beach dog Folly Beach welcomes any and all dogs. As long as you follow the rules, any trip to the beach with your friendly pet should be an enjoyable one. Understand there are certain rules and restrictions when enjoying having your pet with you at the beach. Dogs must be on a leash at all times, and owners must clean up after your pet. From May 1st through September 30th, dogs are not allowed on the beach between 10am and 6pm. Typically during the off season, you will see a number of owners combing the beach with their dogs at any time of the day. After a morning's worth of fun at the beach, don't forget to stop by The Lost Dog Cafe for some of the best breakfast around!

One last thing- keep Folly Beach clean! Please clean up after yourself, respect the environment and nature, and keep those driving speeds slower for the children. Relax, it's Folly!

Please also view the other coastal beaches around Charleston: Sullivans Island and Isle of Palms (including Wild Dunes) to the North,  Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, and Edisto Beach to the South of Folly Beach.

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