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Eagle Landing is a great neighborhood located adjacent to Otranto, and in arguably the best school zone in Charleston, Hanahan schools. This neighborhood is comprised of homes beginning in the 300's, with most in the 400's, and some reaching the 600's. A great location, Eagle Landing sits behind Rivers Avenue in North Charleston, and is a quiet subdivision of homes that used to be on the Eagle Landing Golf Course (which is no longer there), which allows for good sized backyards, with old fairways that provide open space and separate the homes from the back of each other. 

 Eagle Landing started as one of the few 18 hole Cayman Golf Courses in South Carolina (the only one, I believe) which actually had a whiffle-type of golf ball, dimples on the outside, and the greens were far shorter than a normal golf course.  The golf course has long come and gone, but the golf greens serve as nice green space and walking trails for the neighborhood residents.

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