Real Estate Surrounding MUSC

MUSC, Charleston residencyHave you considered purchasing real estate near MUSC (The Medical University of South Carolina)?  Downtown Charleston, SC has many opportunities to live within walking distance to MUSC.  Condominiums near MUSC seem to be a favorite, while townhomes and single family homes are also very popular.

If you have a son or daughter that is considering off-campus housing, we know the area well and know all of the safest areas.  Not having to worry about safety for different areas sure would make things easier for you.  Please call us for advice!  Not only is it ideal to be in the safest areas, but parking is a factor that you must consider.  Some places offer off-street parking (no meters to pay), and others offer covered garage space.  If you have a car and plan on keeping it downtown, then you must consider your parking situation when purchasing.

Have you thought about your purchase as an investement?  Typically, we have many parents of students that help their sons or daughters purchase a condo while at MUSC, and then later sell for a profit, thus negating any housing expenses.  Also, future MUSC employees that are relocating to Charleston can find a great place to live right down the street from work.  Please ask us below which areas are best for short-term investing!

Ask About MUSC Off-Campus Real Estate Options

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